Change Your Perspective, Change Your Results with Cannathlete

Get ready for a new type of exercise program.  For a very long time, people have looked at cannabis users as lazy and unmotivated.  Fortunately, things are changing and we are now able to share the secrets of many of sports greatest champions.  Like any tool, you need to know how to use cannabis properly for training and recovery.  

Don't try and learn on your own, come learn from former UFC title challenger, Jake Shields and 3X Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion, Denny Prokopos.  Denny will be competing for his FOURTH world championship the following week so you will be seeing an athlete who is close to peaking and he will unveil many of the techniques that allowed him to become a champion.  We are throwing our first event on July 2nd in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

We will also have Team Vapexhale there to help with the cannabis performance facilitation.  

Join us and learn how to Train like a Champion


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